Friday, November 6, 2009

Stimulus Funds Should Not Pay for Jobs in China, Senator Says

Senator Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) wants none of our stimulus dollars to pay for jobs in China, according to Bloomberg News.

He will send Energy Secretary Steven Chu a letter urging him to release stimulus funds for a Texas wind farm project only if the high-value components, including the wind turbines, are made domestically.

At issue is a proposed 600-megawatt wind farm that is being jointly developed by American and Chinese companies. The wind turbines for the farm will be made in China, leading to the creation of about 3,000 jobs there.

Some of the investment for the farm is coming from China, and perhaps about $450 million from U.S. stimulus funds. Unless the Obama Administration denies the project the money.

The Energy Department says that to date, the project has not applied for funds.

The Alliance for American Manufacturing asks, "Why aren't American firms building this clean-energy project?"

Why indeed?

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