Thursday, October 29, 2009

Easier Than Ever to Be Green

A guest post today, from my friend Marc Halpert. Marc's company, Your Best Interest, LLC, helps businesses and non-profits get paid electronically. No messing with paper, no waiting for checks -- getting paid electronically speeds up your cash flow and helps the environment.

Here's Marc's post:

It’s Easier Than Ever to Be Green

Poor Kermit the Frog. He thought it wasn't easy being green. Now we all strive to be "greener" by saving gasoline or adjusting our thermostats to run less heat and air conditioning, especially at peak demand times.

Have you thought how to make your business or nonprofit greener by using new payment technologies?

Here are a few observations:

1) stop snailmailing invoices. It takes gasoline and electricity to process the mail and it takes days (sometimes a week) for delivery; use electronic invoice presentation with a link to your web page to accept the payment far faster.

2) start accepting credit card and/or checks by phone, by fax or on your website; easy to implement in your office and makes your staff far more efficient. No more running to the bank (eats gas) by 2pm to make a deposit.

3) if you must process checks, do so electronically by feeding them through a specialized check reader and converting them to a data file. Then let your computer send them to a processor for clearing. It's called Remote Deposit Capture. No more adding machine tapes, deposit slips or trips to the bank, saving electricity and gas as well.

Ask us, we love a challenge.

Marc W. Halpert
Your Best Interest LLC and e-giving
PO Box 320048
Fairfield, CT 06825-0048
efax 203.549.0406

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