Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Air-Fueled Battery Stores 10 Times the Energy of Batteries Available Today

More news from the battery front. Researchers at St. Andrews University in Scotland are developing a new type of battery that draws oxygen from the air as its fuel. It has the potential to carry up to 10 times the energy of today's rechargeable batteries.

The oxygen replaces a chemical component used in most batteries, reducing size and weight. The battery costs less too, because it replaces expensive lithium cobalt oxide with the far more economical porous carbon. The interaction of carbon and air can be repeated, thus setting up a charge and discharge cycle.

All of which makes the new air-fueled battery a perfect find for electric car makers, which have long struggled to reduce the bulk and weight of conventional rechargeable batteries.

Known as the STAIR (St. Andrews Air) cell, the battery could be ready to go to market in about 5 years.


HP Laptop Motherboards said...

Well from this we can clearly see the evolution of technology. I mean to have something upgraded So much from its original prototype model is simply amazing! What I also like about it, is since this has actually been around for a while, it gives its company higher authority since its company has focused on this specific product for quite a while already. Technology as we know it today has gone beyond advanced and to some of us, beyond the knowledge that we may even grasp!! But, to the younger crowd or to those who are still computer savvy, technological advances are really impressive

Arun Sinha said...

I agree, HP LM. Technology has brought us far and I have a feeling the best is yet to come.

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