Tuesday, June 9, 2009

National Top 50 Green Power Partners

The EPA has released the April 2009 edition of its quarterly list of the top 50 green power purchasers in its Green Power Partnership. The partnership, according to its website, "supports the organizational procurement of green power" by the nation's leading organizations. These organizations include corporations, governments, and educational institutions.

Organizations can meet the EPA's green power purchasing requirements by buying any combination of renewable energy certificates, on-site generation, and utility green power products.

So, which company bought the most green power in 2008? Intel, with 1.2 TWh of green energy. Pepsi wasn't far behind, with about 1.1 TWh.

Wind energy was the most common source of green power. Of the top 50 organizations, only 5 did not show wind as one of their green power sources. Another 4 got their green power from "Various" sources, which may or may not include wind energy.

Not surprising, given the rocketing expansion of wind power generation.

What about solar power? 13 organizations list it as one of their green power resources (again, not counting those that said "Various").

Wind energy has eclipsed solar as the renewable-energy resource of choice.

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