Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Floating Power Plants Coming From Russia and Germany

Trouble siting a power plant? Just put it on a barge and tug it to wherever electricity is needed most. Problem solved.

A Russian company has declared it will launch the world's first floating nuclear power plant in 2010. It will be 450 feet long and will churn out 70 MW of electricity. Waterside towns in the north Russian Federation will draw power from the plant.

Meanwhile, a German power generation firm has announced it will pilot-test a floating combined-cycle gas turbine power plant. The plant will be built on a 328-foot-long barge and will deliver power to countries along the eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea, possibly by 2010.

Energy from the floating plants would be distributed to consumers via the local utility grid.

(Photo: That's just a barge, not a floating power station.)

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A.G.A. Hammoutene said...

Where remains the development of floating geothermal plant?
The floating solar plant, floating wind turbine,
floating coal power plant, OTEC power plant and floating nuclear plant are already in development!

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