Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Reduced Green Coverage by Media May Be Good News

More and more magazines are curtailing or eliminating their annual "green" issues. The Columbia Journalism Review doesn't like this development:
Given the current political and economic importance of energy and environmental issues, the decline of magazine Green Issues this year is disappointing. One can only hope that editors are true to their word and make these topics a focus of coverage throughout the year. After all, shouldn’t every day be Earth Day?
My view: the dwindling number of green issues is a good thing. Some of the decline may be due to "green fatigue," as CJR puts it. But as a cursory glance through most major magazines will tell you, these glossies don't need dedicated green issues because they've expanded their regular coverage of the environment. They write about it throughout the year.

If you're talking green all the time, you don't need a special green moment.

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