Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Grand Central Station Has Ditched Incandescent Bulbs. Have You?

There are 4,000 light bulbs in the public areas of Grand Central Station. And not one of them is an incandescent bulb.

Yesterday, the last of the old-tech bulbs were replaced by fluorescent ones. They last longer and cost less to operate than the familiar tungsten-filament bulbs, and are estimated to save the railroad $200,000 annually.

Yes, I know. A savings of $200,000 for a 48-acre edifice like Grand Central doesn't sound like much. But a) still, it's not peanuts, and b) it's more likely the longer life of the fluorescent bulbs was the main reason for the switch.

CFLs last 10 times as long as incandescent bulbs, so it follows you have to replace them 1/10th as often. Which should be welcome news to the terminal's maintenance crew. I don't know if changing the bulbs was an enjoyable activity. Can you imagine replacing a light bulb 75 feet above the ground?

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